На этой неделе (16 апреля 2013 года) вышел очередной пакет обновлений Fix Pack 4 для IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3

Заметим что IBM по прежнему кое где оставило упоминание марки Lotus (от которой вроде как планировала отказаться).

Эта версия платформы 8.5.3 сейчас "развивается" параллельно версии 9.0 Social Edition (бывшей 8.5.4)

Итак из интересного:

Впервые добавлена поддержка Windows 8 (смотри Technote 1615390) и Windows 2012 для Domino Server (смотри Technote 1617697).

И исправлены следуюшие значительные дефекты (т.н. Top 8.5.3 Fix Pack 4 Fix List):


SPR# GMAA8TQEVG (LO69022) - Fixes issue where view column sorting isn't maintained in the inbox view. This is a regression in 8.5.2 (technote 1605679)
SPR# BBSZ82DCP8 (LO48664) - Fixes issue where when a user is renamed to a different Hierarchical Certifier, they get prompted the first time they launch the Notes client, to accept Cross Certificates for Organizations that they are not a member of.
SPR# RCEA8JGM72 (LO62098) - Fixes issue on Red Hat 6 where the Admin Client does not show disk space
+SPR# JSHN8ZZ2AB (LO72588) - Fixes Client focus issue when using an outline entry pointing at a view. This is a regression in 8.5.3 FP2.
SPR# JKAE8M3DVD (LO64176)- Fixes intermittent Notes Client crash in AsyncReceivePoll -> PostReceive -> OSVBlockAddr -> Panic (technote 1573842)

Сервер :

SPR# ADC8QXA8M (LO68659) - Fixes Server crash with Unknown Error in process Unknown and function DbClose2
SPR# BFUY8XNL8M (LO71747) - Fixes Server crash when closing documents associated with a database that is being closed in the imap process (technote 1634066)
SPR# MJBG8MV72E (LO64908) - Fixes Domino Server router hang while doing a message recall (technote 1609773)
+SPR# RFRF92V973 (LO73083) - Fixes issue where some Chinese characters get lost in a message sent by iNotes user
SPR# RNOG8VDLTW (LO69974) - Fixes issue where if a user is renamed to an OU an error is received if there is a policy assigning that OU to the ID Vault (technote 1599746)
SPR# MKHS8L3TR3 (LO63302) - Fixes issue where users are prompted several times to create local cross-certificate after being moved to a new org using Adminp
SPR# JWAE7L5SU2 (LO34992) - Fixes Server SMTP crash in NSFItemAppend
SPR# TSAO8XFGBQ (LO71264) - Fixes Server crash with unexpected internal error returned to logger: 0x200F2010 (technote 1609851)
+SPR# JPMS8WVLW9 (LO70915) - Fixes performance issue where Clients are unable to connect to Server due to issue in UNK processing. This is a regression from 8.5.2.
SPR# XCXC7MEDPQ (LO36754) - Fixes server crash during conversion of a document to html by the http process
+SPR# THIO8T2FJ6 (LO68537) - Fxes issue where after upgrading to Domino 8.5.3, the subject of a mail is lost if that subject contains Japanese characters. This is a regression in 8.5.3.
SPR# ANIA8RVE8Y (LO69114) - Fixes Server crash in Domidx while removing databases from the Domain Index (technote 1596145)
SPR# ANIA8JG9BN (LO62073) - Defensive fix to avoid an issue where the Event Task Crashes With "Panic: Osvblockaddr: Bad Vblock Handle." We now check to ensure that the VBlock handle is NOT NULL before using it.
SPR# MBOD8GZQBH (LO61477) - Fixed an issue where the mail file path (replica reference) of a replica copied using dbmove is incorrect on the target server.


+SPR# TSAO8MAEHH (LO64401) - When Alternate Name Support is enabled, while in the inbox, modification of the "To" Address is not reflected in the Altsendto Field. This is a companion fix to SPR IISA8WQABL. This is a regression in 8.5.2.
+SPR# IISA8WQABL (LO70816) - When Alternate Name Support is enabled, while in the preview pain, modification of the "To" Address is not reflected in the Altsendto Field. This is a companion fix to SPR TSAO8MAEHH. This is a regression in 8.5.2.

Список исправлений значительный, потому мы рекомендуем обновить Ваши сервера и станции до версии 8.5.3 FP4

Скачать обновление можно на IBM Fix Central

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