Выпущен очередной пакет важных обновлений Fix Pack 3 для платформы Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3

Как и было запланировано IBM в ноябре 2012 выпустил долгожданный пакет обновлений для платфоры IBM Lotus Domino R8.5: FixPack 3 для версии 8.5.3

Это первый фикс пак который добавил поддержку OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Также этот фикс пак закрыл общую уязвимость пакета JVM SR12.

Приводим также список из 20 важнейших улучшений в данном пакете:


SPR# RGAU7W5EB9 (LO69062) - Fixes an intermittent Notes Standard client crash with embedded Sametime related to displaying Sametime awareness for an Internet style name.
+SPR# OAGU8SDPEL (LO68095) - Fixes issue where incorrect dialog keyword list items are selected when there are null strings in the list of choices. This was a regression introduced in Notes 8.5.3. (technote 1608460)
+SPR# AIKE8SZCQC (LO70580) - Fixes issue where garbage characters appear in the first line of a DBCS Internet mail. This was a regression introduced in Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 2.
SRP# ADC8SG94E - Fixes an intermittent Notes client crash with Unknown Error in process Unknown and function CLSUIDocument::RemoveScriptObject.
SPR# ADC8TS93B - Fixes Unknown Error in process Unknown and function SkinButtonWndProc.
SPR# PBAO8SFPD4 (LO68165) - Fixed an issue where Preferences dialog box disappeared behind the Notes client.
SPR# PGAE85UPUF (LO59072) - Fixes intermittent Notes client crash on @DocFileOldAttachments when dealing with MIME messages with attachments.
SPR# TMDS77SMHR (LO24502) - Fixes issue where when creating a memo from stationery, autosave will save multiple copies of the memo. (technote1283019)
+SPR# GHAT82YLR2 (LO49209) - This fix adds a new notes.ini variable to enable/disable spell checking on signature in a mail. The default behavior in 8.5.1 and above is to skip spell checking for signature text. This fix introduces a Notes.ini SpellCheckSignature=x. The default behavior is to skip spell checking signature. Setting SpellCheckSignature=1 will spell check the signature text. This was an intentional change in behavior in 8.5.1 that was reported as a regression. (technote 1450311)
SPR# CAML7NC2CH (LO36801) - Fixes issue where long URLs are truncated when user clicks to open them in browser; prior to this fix only 720 characters of a URL are passed from the client to the browser.(technote 1425414)


SPR# JCOL8PGT54 (LO66039) - Fixes Domino server crash on AdminpRenameInCalendarEntries call while processing an Adminp request.
SPR# TBOX7UDMAE (LO42779) - This fix prevents the DDM Cache from getting full and thereby avoids the error message "Event correlation cache is full".
+SPR# SSAI8E5FG2 (LO58536) - Fixes an intermittent Domino server problem where the Domino Administrator client shows the wrong file sizes after server restart. This issue was caused by dbdirman.nsf not being updated on server shutdown resulting in stale data on restart. This was a regression introduced in 8.5. (technote 1517047)
+SPR# TPON8RWELY (LO67637) - Fixes issue where when sending an agent created mail to the Internet with disclaimers enabled, the body of the mail is removed. This would only occur if the body content was not in Mime or Rich Text. This was a regression introduced in 8.5.3. (technote 1610637)
SPR# MALE7JYNER (LO33794) - This fix reduces replication conflicts in the Resource and Reservations (R&R) database related to busytime purging. Prior to this fix, busytime purging could occur on different server replicas and lead to replication conflicts.
SPR# RTOA7NVRQ6 (LO51240) - Fixes an issue during semaphore dump that would yield NSD log: ERROR (0): invalid 'CollSem' semaphore signature 0x0000.
SPR# ASBR7AMBR8 (LO26347) - Fixes Domino server memory issue with Sitemap causing an HTTP crash.
+SPR# BSTS8AELJW (LO55671) - Fixed issue that shows an equal sign "=" next to attachments in emails if an additional mime line break "=" is present. The Router task will now remove additional mime line break "=" sign. This was a regression introduced in 8.5.2. (technote 1570892)

iNotes Web Access:

SPR# RAGG8RCL3T (LO64540) - Fixes Internet Explorer 9 hang when using Domino Off-Line Services (DOLS). If "Prompt for ID during download" is selected in Offline Security Policy (doladmin.nsf), the prompt for ID never appears and the folder selection dialog opens again. User cannot proceed to install offline. (technote 1585382)
SPR# MJON8KJNTZ (LO62922) - Fixed an issue where users were receiving an "unterminated string constant" error with Internet Explorer, or an "unterminated string literal" with Firefox, when opening a specific email message. (technote 1516402)

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