Вышел очередной пакет обновлений FP5 к версии IBM Domino R 9.0.1

30 ноября 2015 года компания IBM опубликовала пакет обновлений Fix Pack 5 к IBM Domino версии R 9.0.1

По информации от IBM в нем содержится 97 исправлений.

Мы публикуем список основных улучшений:

Клиент IBM Notes

CSMH9QHKNF (LO83744) - Fixes issue where the incorrect font is used after installing additional True Type fonts in Notes 9. The fix requires the new notes.ini variable "UseWindowsFontSubstituteFontList" be set to the font or fonts that are to be used. This is a regression in 9.0.1.
HHIE9RTARJ (LO83155) - Avoids a Notes Client crash opening a document with a graphic image containing invalid dimensions. This defensive fix will avoid the crash.
ADEE9UCDQ2 (LO84117) - Fixes issue that could result in duplicate INI parameters for cases where the notes ini exceeds 64 bytes
DSAS9HBTVQ (LO79576) - Under certain conditions, the Dircat task treats a rare but routine error "Directory cataloger was unable to obtain any scheduling information" as fatal and shuts down. This fix resolves this.
QMGO9YXDML (LO85873) - Fixes issue where Notes fixpack ignores the custom common data setting and installs to the default common data dir causing a 1603 install error
SRKM9NFF7B (LO81786) - Attempts to install a Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack fail. The install/upgrade log shows the following error: "Installation success or error status: 1603". This is a regression in 9.0.1 FP1.
XXZZ9JN999 (LO81356) - Fixes a cross platform crash opening emails with certain objects in them. This issue was more common on Notes Client Mac 10.9.

Сервер IBM Domino

RMAS9GATPK (LO81820) - The maximum NSF Pool size is hard coded by default. This fix introduces a new INI parameter to set the maximum size of the NSF Pool at runtime. Add MAX_NSFPOOL_SIZE=[new size in bytes] to set the size of the NSF Pool. Use MAX_NSFPOOL_SIZE_MB to set the size in MB instead. Note that the size cannot be set smaller than the current default maximum of 512 MB.
RGAU8ZRLKH (LO72483) - Fixes Domino Server crash when an xPage application with a large view is accessed and hitting last page of that largeview with the notes.ini variable Ft_max_search_results=99999999 set.
TMAI9YNHCD (LO85763) - Fixes issue where the return value of the len function in Lotusscript is invalid on 9.0.1 FP4. This fix was a regression caused by 9.0.1 FP4 SPR JMDK9MA6EJ. This fix reverts the fix for SPR JMDK9MA6EJ.
PJON9UBQMR (LO84113) - Fixes issue where Diiop connections over SSL Fail If SSLv3 is disabled. (technote 1968912)
SVRO9UZRQC (LO85045)- ISpy (runjava) fails to connect if SSLv3 is disabled because it was using an older SSL stack. It has been updated to a newer SSL stack that supports TLS (technote 1700925)
WBJT9X63VT (LO85208) - Chinese characters display incorrectly when an event is created via the Calendar service Restful API
YDEN9GYKRR (LO79426) - Fixes issue where user receives error: "Invalid URL exception and HTTP 500 Internal server error" when accessing a URL that contains a colon in the start and stop parameters in a URL. We now allow additional characters for 'start' and 'count' in a URL. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.
MKIN9BGTMX (LO77050) - Fixes a recursion crash when out of OSLocal memory. Symptoms included having http disappear without the creation of an nsd. (technote 1682289)

Почтовый интерфейс - iNotes

GKLA9WVTH9 (LO85136) - Fixes issue on Mac and Linux where when using operating system timezone events viewed with calendar views display 3 hours early in the calendar view. This is a regression in 9.0.
SVRO9YLM35 (LO85733) - Fixes an HTTP Crash with iNotes in MAXSPRINTF due to a null pointer caused by incorrect permissions on Dojo files (technote 1964549)
CKUA9HSABG (LO79874) - Notes web: Fixed an issue where email links were not resolving properly when clicked.
MLEY9MVG34 (LO81588) - When using iNotes with Internet Explorer, blank lines in a user's signature are deleted. This is a regression in 9.0.1.
RFRF9CCARU (LO77404) - Notes web: Fixed an issue where replying to all from a message in the sent view using Internet Explorer 10 would result in swapping the contents of the "To" and the "cc" fields.
MLEY9TMGPF (LO83786) - Notes web: Fixed an issue with slow scrolling using the navigation arrows in the One Week/One Work week calendar views

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