Компания IBM сегодня выпустила очередное обновлений для Domino 8.5.3 - Fix Pack 6

В версии 8.5.3 FP6 добавлена поддержка следующих платформ:

Windows 2012 R2

Также рассматривается поддержка релизом следующих платформ:

Windows 8.1, Mac 10.9, и IE 11 - о результатах проверки будет дополнительное сообщено.

Важнейшие исправления:


SPR# TSHI8SD538(LO68047) - Fixed an intermittent Notes client crash when opening a corrupted Notes document.
+SPR# MLAT99RKAG(LO76668) - Improved javascript disablement and disabled for HTML Email messages (body field and memo form) only. This regression was introduced in 8.5.3 FP5.
SPR# ACHG8STC6T(LO68380) - Fixes intermittent Notes Client crash when the user hits "send" on a large email (also the email is lost).
SPR# MCHZ8R4HPK(LO67040) - "Search Directory For" results in Typeahead are displayed in Alphabetical Order. (technote 1580001)


SPR# KBRN8Q6JXC(LO71360) - Performance and reliability fix to network session code. Prior to this fix, many users accessing a Domino server simultaneously could cause a performance bottleneck resulting in slow server response or timeouts attempting to connect to the server. The error 'Unable to redirect failover from <SERVERNAME>' could also appear where SERVERNAME is the same name of the server encountering the issue.
SPR# JPAI94HR3N(LO75003) - Fixes potential deadlock on process startup between LkMgr locker and semaphore locker(Directory manager queue semaphore). (technote 1644240)
SPR# MYAA8LV385(LO64012) - Fixes an issue where an incorrect warning for a database over quota threshold could be generated.
+SPR# RMAA94WKMG(LO73956) - Fixes intermittent Domino Server crash when closing a database. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. (technote 1644232)
SPR# VPRS8YBRZ6(LO71728) - Fixes Domino Server mail relay host crash on router on Jonah::asn_sorted::encode_value
+SPR# AJMO8NVM8F(LO66491) - Prevent Directory Assistance on Domino 64-bit servers from doing unnecessary search references and referrals which were leading to "81" LDAP timeout errors. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
SPR# JPMS8KZLLC(LO63217) - Fixes Domino Server crash during database cache maintenance with PANIC: ERROR - LockMemHandle() Handle 0xF0259F47 is not allocated
SPR# PPET98CPBN(LO7562) - Security enhancement to scrub query strings causing search to fail; work around is to add the following notes.ini: HTTP_QUERY_STRING_SCRUB=0. This fix changes the default to be off instead of being on and adds new code to prevent security X-Site script attacks against search urls.
SPR# AJAS8WSB9B(LO70861) - Prior to this fix multiple "Received" headers could be overwritten by one when retrieving e-Mails with IMAP client.
SPR# KHAN87ZUTS(LO55991) - Prevents excessive InsertPermutations recursion that can lead to a Domino Server crash. The new notes.ini variable MAX_PERMUTE_RECURSE=<number>, where <number> limits the number of hierarchical responses that can be added to a given collection, is recommended to be set to 200. (technote 1600317)
+SPR# PHEY8UDJYW(LO65911) - Fixes ACL corruption with: "ACL Corrupt in database <Database_Name> creating new ACL with default set to no access". Now we block unintended deletion of ACL Note that would leave to a DB set to no access. This was a regression introduced in 8.5.3.


SPR# WRAY8QKLTQ(LO66604) - Fixed issue where when opening messages in iNotes Ultra Light Mode, that have mixed case mail file names specified in the URL, the mail message fails to open.
SPR# KRAU8Y2MX6(LO71593) - Fixes issue where the iNotes UI window shrinks to a small size when the iNotes UI is resized several times.
SPR# HKOA7T4DN5(LO49113) - Notes web: Fixed an issue where the web browser could hang if a window is resized to or from a very small size.
SPR# PTHN96NRTP(LO45468) - Notes web: Fixed an issue where the unread count on a folder is not updated automatically when new messages were transferred into it via a mail rule. Clicking on the folder or using F5 to refresh would update the count.
+SPR# HSKM8TN39T(LO68949) - Fixed problem which caused a custom sized table to be inserted in the wrong place in the Rich Text Editor. This is a regression in 8.5.3.

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